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How do I choose between Chiroflow Fibre and Chiroflow Memory Foam?

Chiroflow pillow comparison

There is two types of the Chiroflow Waterbase Pillow - Original Fibre and the NEW Memory Foam. We offer two types of support to ensure you get the comfort you need.

  Chiroflow Original Fibre Chiroflow Memory Foam
Fill type Fibre Memory Foam
Waterbase? Yes Yes
Comfort Softer Firmer
Cooling gel? No Yes
Benefit Sink into easier More responsive
Money-back guarantee 100 nights 100 nights
Manufacturers warranty Three years Three years
Best for Everyone Smaller or larger builds

What's the difference?
Both are Waterbase pillows, they just have different support layers. The Original Fibre pillow has a softer, polyester fill that is supportive and easy to sink into. This our best seller and the original Chiroflow pillow - 4 million people worldwide sleep happy on this one.

The Memory Foam is new. It is a firmer, more responsive pillow infused with a cooling gel to keep your head cool. It is in response to the growing demand for memory foam and is perfect for those wanting extra support throughout the night.